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Ultimate / Xtreme Fat Loss is an exclusive treatment only available at Body Sculpting UK

This treatment focuses on removing fat from the stomach, flanks and back, in one sitting. This is ideal for clients looking to lose fat all over their upper body.

Xtreme Fat Loss is a state of the art technology, the first of its kind and uses heat and ultrasound to melt away deep deposits of fat. This is a great treatment for individuals who have a higher degree of fat to lose.


We use the ultimate Xtreme fat loss machine. This is a 2 in 1 machine. The probe we use emits the strongest form of ultrasound energy and 45 degrees heat. The ultrasound melts the fat and the heat tightens the skin, resulting in no loose skin also helps to tighten skin.

Fat Loss Machine


We use 80khz frequency sound waves to heat and vibrate the layer of fat cells below the skin’s surface causing pressure, which eventually causes the fat cells to liquify and release their contents to be eliminated safely by the body.

Ultrasound Cavitation


Uses advanced technology that safely heats the deep layers of the skin causing collagen fibres to contract and remodel leaving skin more lifted and tightened. (Radiofrequency can be used for both the face and body)

Radio Frequency Technology


Lymphatic drainage massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help remove the liquified fat to the body’s lymph nodes to excrete the fat out of the body naturally.

Lymphatic Drainage massage


Body Sculpting UK


This treatment is a exclusive treatment only offered in our clinics. This treatment is:

  1. Non- Invasive

  2. Non-surgical

  3. No side effects

  4. No downtime

This treatment combines all steps of our Body sculpting treatment, as well as our Xtreme treatment for superior results. 

We recommend a course of 6 sessions to achieve optimum results. However, all clients have different body types and all clients have different goals they would like to achieve.

This can be discussed during your consultation with the consultants who will be performing the treatment.