Body Sculpting

Pectorals (chest reduction)
Available for male clients looking to remove excess build up fat on chest.

Tummy Tuck 
Get a flat tummy. Removal of fat on abdomen with skin tightening.

Bingo Wings (backs of arms)
Bye, bye wings and hello tighter arms. Based on your needs a combination of contouring and skin tightening.

Hip Dip Removal 
No filler needed. Body sculpting melts the fat away diminishing the appearance of any lump or bumpiness.

Love Handles 
Muffin top. Is only for muffins, your jeans will fit better with fat loss on the pesky love handles.

Brazilian Bum Lift 

Shape the booty to what you desire. Make it bigger. Make it smaller. Plump it. Lift it.  Who said you need surgery to love your peach.

Saddle Bags (outer thigh) 
Designed specifically to shave off fat on the outer thigh.

Thigh Gap
No poses needed. Only body sculpting treatment focuses on bursting fat on inner thigh.

Front of Thigh
Designed specifically to shave off fat on the outer thigh.

Back Rolls 
You will experience a smoother, slimmer back after this treatment.

Hour Glass
Exclusive to BodysculptingUK we snatch the waist and make the bum bigger.

Cellulite Removal
Get rid of the bumps and lumps and get ready for silk smooth skin.

Double Chin 

Double chin NO MORE. Blast the fat on the chin.

Muscle Toning

Double Action on Muscles and Fat. Redefine body contours whilst reducing fat content. 

The electromagnetic waves are able to induce 30,000 supermaximal contractions of muscles that would not be achieved through normal physical activity (in only 30 minutes). When exposed to contractions muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such conditions by remodelling its internal structure, which results in muscle gain (hypertrophy) and fat burning. Six sessions is recommended (two sessions a week).





Front of Thigh 

Back of Thigh 

Skin Tightening

Reverse the appearance of saggy skin. Our skin tightening treatment focuses on producing collagen from the deepest layers of the skin. ST Tightens, firms skin on any part of the body. Loose skin often develops from the natural aging process, extreme weight loss, or child birth. 



Back of Thighs





Face Treatments

Try one of the signature Body Sculpting UK non-surgical face treatments. With the rise of fillers, these treatments below are a great preventative measure to maintain the integrity of the skin before embarking on more invasive procedure or used in combination with.

Double Chin 

Get rid of the double chin – without painful needles. Fat bursting followed by 3D skin tightening under the chin. 


Get rid of the double chin and any unwanted fat along the jawline - without  painful needles. Followed by skin tightening under the chin and along the jawline. 

Face lift 

Radio frequency all over the face (cheeks, under eyes, smile lines, forehead, and across the jawline) and fat bursting along the jawline. 

Body Sculpting Signature Treatment 

Full facial, double chin treatment, jawline sculpting, radio frequency all over full face and neck. This is a combination of 3 different treatments in One.

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